R & D of green products to provide strong support for the green development of enterprises


                      China's industrial enterprise structure reform and new technology revolution have entered the fast lane, "13th five year plan" and "made in China 2025" and "industrial green development plan" of the Ministry of industry and information technology have put forward very clear development direction and reform goals for enterprises. If the industrial enterprises are not enterprising, maintain the status quo and arbitrarily destroy the environment, it is estimated that in a few years, they will come to a "dead end" and be eliminated mercilessly. This is the wave of the industrial revolution.

                      The company started the research and development of green environmental protection chemical products six years ago, eliminated hazardous chemical raw materials, such as chromate, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and low boiling point solvent, and now also eliminated some chemical raw materials with certain hazards or relatively high emission requirements. In this process, a number of environmental protection high-performance surface treatment products have been developed. At the same time, great progress has been made in the treatment of chemical wastewater and waste gas. Through the upgrading and transformation of surface treatment technology, zero wastewater discharge can be achieved in a complete sense, and the operation cost is very low.

                      In addition to improving their own products, it is an inevitable choice for industrial enterprises to consciously avoid air pollution and water pollution in the process of production and processing. This is not only the social responsibility of enterprises, but also the strict requirement of national industrial upgrading and environmental transformation. Due to the great confusion of chemical products, there are doubts in the face of new technology, dare not and unwilling to try, resulting in the treatment process and product quality of many enterprises maintain the status quo for many years, without any progress.

                      In fact, it's very simple to judge whether a chemical product is green and environmental protection or new technology. If it can't be determined, it can be evaluated by the expert group.

                      Meet the necessary conditions of green environmental protection new technology:

                      1) The operation cost is lower, and the operation and process are simpler;

                      2) More energy saving;

                      3) The water consumption is greatly reduced, and the wastewater is easy to be treated;

                      4) The quality of products is improved obviously and the consumption is reduced;

                      5) Have scientific index control and detection methods;

                      6) It has good matching performance and can provide perfect solutions;

                      7) It has been verified by many industries;

                      8) It has all kinds of performance test data and scientific test methods of the third party testing or unit. If there is no national standard and no third-party test can be carried out, the scientific test results of the unit can not be adopted.

                      We must understand that green high-performance new technology chemical products are not at the expense of profits and efficiency of enterprises. Unlike machinery and automation equipment, the replacement of chemical products does not require more investment.
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